Authenticator code not working

If you are receiving a message that your Authenticator code is incorrect, it is likely that the time, date or timezone on your mobile device and computer are not in sync.   

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the time on your mobile device and computer are exactly the same
  2. Check the timezone on both devices matches (Googling 'What is the time?' helps here)
  3. Have another go - try entering your Authenticator code again 


Authentication not remembered for 30 days

If your Authenticator is not remembering you for 30 days even though the checkbox is ticked, please try logging into your account on the website to see if the issue continues. If so, follow these steps to troubleshoot the website issue


Still stuck?

The Authenticator is not a Jagex product so please visit the relevant support pages if you are still having issues. 

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