My Authenticator code is not working

If you are having trouble enabling the authenticator onto your RuneScape account using your mobile device then it is more than likely due to the time on your mobile device being out of sync with your computer.

How can I resolve this?

To resolve this issue there are a few steps that you need to take.

1. Make sure that the time on your mobile device matches the time on your computer.

2. If the time does not match please take some time to correct this. Please make sure the time is as close match as possible.

3. Make sure the time on your computer & mobile device matches the time in your time zone. If you are not sure then just Google ‘What is the time?’

 Once this is done please have another go at entering your authenticator code.

Due to the authenticator not being produced by Jagex we do strongly recommend visiting the relevant support pages if you do continue to experience any further issues with your authenticator app.

Google Authenticator

WinAuth – Laptop & Desktop Authenticator

Google Authenticator Support

WinAuth Support

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