RuneScape graphics settings

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Change graphics settings
To find the graphics settings tab either:

  • Choose the "Options" tab on the lobby menu,
  • 1. Login and connect to a world
    2. Press "Esc" and choose "Settings"
    3. Select the "Graphics" tab


This interface allows you to manage the graphics quality of:

  • Game models
  • Game environment 
  • Light effects
  • Gameplay effects

You can also toggle in-game effects such as character shadows.


Overall graphics settings
Across the top of the graphics settings tab, there are several buttons that will change your overall graphical settings:





Minimum settings for exceptionally low-end devices 


Low levels of detail


Medium levels of detail


High levels of detail


Super-high levels of detail


Manually adjust the level of detail from your selected level 


Screen sizing

In the right-hand column of the graphics tab, there are two screen sizing options for you to choose from:





Resizes the client window. If you make the window smaller or larger, the game will expand or contract with it.


Your entire monitor size in the resolution you pick from the drop-down box (set this to match your monitor's resolution for the best results). You won't be able to interact with any of the other applications that your computer may be running.


Custom Graphics Settings

You can customise your graphics through advanced settings: 

Option Choice Description 


0 - 100% Increase or decrease the brightness of the game to match your screen. 

Remove Roofs

  • Never 
  • Always 
  • Selectively 
  • All
  • Never - Never removes roofs
  • Always - Always removes roofs regardless of location or camera
  • Selectively - Only removes roofs between the camera and the player
  • All - Removes all roofs depending on the location of the camera and the player

Draw Distance

Low - Ultra This will affect the maximum distance objects will render from the camera. The lower, the closer.

Shadow Quality

Low - Ultra Higher settings will improve the fidelity of shadows being cast in the game.


  • Adaptive
  • Off 
  • On 
  • Half 
  • Quarter
VSync controls the game's frame rate by synchronising it with your monitor's refresh rate. This can improve your gameplay experience by reducing screen tearing, but may also affect your FPS
  • Adaptive - Enables VSync when the FPS is greater than your refresh rate
  • Off - Always disables VSync
  • On - Always enables VSync
  • Half - Synchronises frame rate to half the monitor's refresh rate
  • Quarter - Synchronises frame rate to a quarter the monitor's refresh rate

Anti-Aliasing Mode

  • Off 
  • FXAA 
  • MSAA 
Anti-Aliasing will smooth out a jagged/pixelated image, this may affect performance. 
  • Off - Disable all anti-aliasing
  • FXAA - Lower quality aliasing, but could improve performance
  • MSAA - Higher quality
  • FXAA+MSAA - Combines both techniques

Anti-aliasing Quality

Low to Ultra Higher settings will improve the fidelity of anti-aliasing and visual quality - but could lower your frame rate.

Water Detail

Low to Ultra Controls how realistic water looks including ripple effects and reflections.

Lighting Detail

Low to Ultra This will affect the level of light in the game. Particularly things like sources of light and specular highlights on smooth, shiny or reflective surfaces.

Ambient Occlusion

  • Off 
  • SSAO
  • HBAO
Higher settings will improve the degree of lighting/shading of smaller and more complex objects.


Off - High Higher settings will improve the quality of lighting/glowing effects.


  • Off 
  • Compressed 
  • Uncompressed
Higher settings will improve the quality of textures in the game.

Anisotropic Filtering

Off - x16 Higher settings will improve the appearance of certain textures when viewed from extreme angles and distances.

Volumetric Lighting

Off - Ultra Higher settings will improve additional lighting effects like sunbeams and glowing. 

Foreground FPS

 5 - 300 Set the maximum FPS when the game is in a focused window.

Background FPS

 5 - 300 Set the maximum FPS when the game is the unfocused window.

Interface Scaling

70% - 300%

Set the size of your interface.

If your in-game UI appears small on your high-resolution monitor try increasing the interface scaling. 

Game Rendering Scaling

50% - 200% A lower rendering scale will use a lower resolution and then upscale to your monitor's resolution


  • On 
  • Off
Toggle for shadows. This includes the player character, non-player characters and scenery.

Custom Cursors

  • On 
  • Off
Use the game's custom mouse cursor
or use your operating system's default cursor.

Loading Screens

  • On  
  • Off
Toggle loading screens between content in-game. This may affect your performance.

Ground Decoration

  • On 
  • Off
Toggles small ground details like stones and long grass.

Terrain Blending

  • On 
  • Off
Toggles whether textures can blend with those adjacent for a more seamless appearance.

Depth of Field

  • On
  • Off
Toggles a blur effect to objects if they are further away.

Smooth Camera Fade

  • On
  • Off
Toggles any objects that clip with the camera to be smoothed out.

Tree Canopy Fade

  • On
  • Off
Toggles treetops to fade if your character is standing behind it.

Mouse-over entity highlights

  • On
  • Off
Toggles a coloured outline around interactable objects in game. 


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