Frame Rate (FPS) TroubleShooting

What does low FPS look like?

If you have low FPS, your game will stutter, and in extreme cases, characters may seem to jump from one position to the next.

What causes this, and how can I tell?

There are two things that cause you to believe you're getting low FPS

Graphics Settings

The first is graphics processing problems, which will cause consistently low frame-rates that always drop further when you enter a graphically intense area (such as looking at the GE or Priffindas when filled with people, or a busy boss fight).

How can I fix this?

In this case, check out the following causes and fixes!

  • Make sure that your computer is up to the Minimum Requirements for the graphical detail you've selected. You can also learn more about your graphics settings and changing them here
  • If you have more than one graphics processor (common in gaming laptops), try forcing the game client to use your dedicated graphics processor, using these steps.
  • Other laptop issues like this can be fixed, or at least helped, with these tips for optimizing your laptop's performance.

More graphical fixes and help can be checked out here, with some further performance solutions here.


The second cause is lag. Low frame rates caused by graphical setting issues and lag in RuneScape are often mistaken for each other, but you can still tell them apart!

Lag will cause your frame rates to drop at random, not with a link to how busy the area or how many spells are flying to the boss. While lag can affect only part of your connection (meaning RuneScape may have trouble while you can still load other things online), often if you're getting bad lag, other things streaming on your connection will suffer.

We've made a guide to diagnosing lag, which could definitely be helpful if you're having these issues!

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