Earning RuneCoins via Solomon's Store

Please use the Step by Step guide below if you are new to the idea of 'earning' RuneCoins. Please check out the 'Common Questions' section if you have tried to earn RuneCoins from one of our partners, but something has gone wrong!

How to Earn Solomon Store RuneCoins

You can earn RuneCoins by engaging with a number of special offers that are provided by our two partners, SuperRewards & PeanutLabs.

These offers will see you rewarded with RuneCoins for completing things like customer surveys, or downloading and installing apps. The more 'offers' you undertake, the more RuneCoins you will be able to earn!

To get started, please follow the steps below.

Step 1- Visit Solomon Store

You can access the store from the lobby, from the 'Extras' tab ingame, or directly from the website.

Step 2- Click on the 'Earn' button

  1. Clicking Earn will take you to your offerwall where you can start earning RuneCoins
  2. Clicking Buy will allow you to use real-life money to purchase RuneCoins

Step 3 - Select a Partners offerwall

Once you are on your offerwall, you can see select from our two partners separate tabs. Remember, each partner will have different offers and surveys, so do take a look through them all to find an offer that is suitable to you:

Step 4 - Complete an Offer

Once you have completed an offer, and have allowed the required time for your reward to be processed, our partners will automatically process your reward which will appear on your account.

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