Missing Rewards from SuperRewards?

Head here for help earning rewards via offerwalls.

Contact Superrewards
If you have experienced an issue earning RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter keys through SuperRewards offerwall, please contact their dedicated support team for help. The SuperRewards team are much better suited to help, as they have full access to your details.


Follow these steps

  1. Access the SuperRewards interface
    - RuneCoins  - login through Solomon's Store (follow steps 1 and 2 here)
    - Treasure Hunter Keys - login through the Treasure Hunter interface (follow steps 1 and 2 here)
  2. Under the SuperRewards tab, select 'Get Help' to view your rewards status. This will show your recent activity.
  3. Hit the green 'Help' button. 
  4. Submit a ticket to the SuperRewards Team

Once you have followed the steps, the SuperRewards team will reply to you within 48 hours.


Still stuck?
If you have not received a reply, get in touch with us and we'll reach out to SuperRewards on your behalf.

Contact us
Response ETA: up to 48 hours


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