Having problems playing RuneScape using your Web Browser? You're in the right place....

If you're having trouble accessing RuneScape when using your web browser to play, then there are a number of possible causes that we will cover off below. Following the steps in the articles linked below from start to finish should put any issues right and get you into game again.

TIP: It's no longer possible to play RuneScape using Google's Chrome Browser as this no longer supports Java

Clean Java Install

The leading cause of issues accessing RuneScape using a Web Broswer is Java, but performing a clean install usually solves the problem! Please click the link below relevant to your Operating System to go through a clean install of Java:

Clean Java Install - WIndows Steps
Clean Java install - OS X Steps

Clear Browser Cache

It's also worth clearing your browser's cache files to make sure these aren't causing any problems:

Clear Browser Cache - Windows Steps
Clear Browser Cache - Mac OS X Steps

Once you've performed a clean install of Java and cleared your Browser's Cache files, please now try to access RuneScape using your Web Browser. You should now find that the problem is solved.

I'm still having problems, what now?

Community: Get help on our forums

If you're still having trouble, please drop us a message. Please include the following information to help us identify the problem you're having:

  1. Does an error message appear? If so what does it say?
  2. Are you able to log into game using the RuneScape Client?
  3. Confirm that you have read this article and followed the steps provided - this will help us avoid us providing solutions you have already tried!

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