RuneScape web browser issues

The leading cause of issues accessing RuneScape using a Web Broswer is Java, follow these steps to help get you into game! 

Supported Web Browsers?
Make sure you're playing RuneScape in a web browser that supports Java.

  • Web browsers that support Java: Internet Explorer. Make sure you have trusted *
  • Web browsers that don't support Java are: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera 

Clean Java Install
Try performing a clean install of Java to resolve any issues caused by Java.  

Clear Browser Cache
It's also worth clearing your browser's cache files to make sure these aren't causing any problems.

Still Stuck?
If you're unable to play in your web browser why not try installing the Client instead

       Get help from the community!           



If you're still having trouble, please drop us a message. Please include the following information to help us identify the problem you're having:

  1. Does an error message appear? If so what does it say?
  2. Are you able to log into game using the RuneScape Client?
  3. Confirm that you have read this article and followed the steps provided - this will help us avoid providing solutions you have already tried!

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Response ETA: Up to 48 hours


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