Google+ created accounts

If you did not create your RuneScape account using Google+ then please follow the guide called 'Removing Google+ from accounts'.

This process only applies to RuneScape accounts created using Google+

To remove your Google+ and upgrade to a full RuneScape account please follow the below steps and you will then be on your way! 

How do I remove Google+?

First of all please log in to your Google+ account

  1. Log into your account settings by clicking on the Google+ icon.

2. You are now given the option to upgrade your account to a full RuneScape account

If this pop up does not appear then please go to your account settings and click on the ‘Social Network’ tab then follow the below steps.

3. Enter a brand new email you would like to become your login email

4. Confirm the email

5. Enter a password you would like to use when logging into game and hit ‘Submit

Account Settings

6. Go to your email address. There should be an email there requesting you to validate your email 

7. Click on the link to validate the email

If the email does not appear in your inbox please go back to your account settings and do the following

  • Click on ‘Email & Communication Preferences’
  • Then click on the hyperlink to resend email

8. Email Registration successful! Only a few more steps to go!

9. Log back into your account settings using your new login details

10. Click on the ‘Social Network’ tab and then click ‘Remove this association’

11. Enter your new password you use in step 9.

12. Click on 'Remove'

Once the above steps are complete players will be able to log into game with their new login details.

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