Security Software

To keep your account details and personal information safe, it's important to make use of security programs. We always recommend that you scan regularly to make sure your computer is secure.
Trojans or viruses are programs written to damage your computer. They can cause damage to your files, registry and computer hardware. Viruses are designed to be easily spread, hard to detect, and difficult to remove. The most common way to be infected by a virus is via email or downloaded attachments.
The following are some popular antivirus options for protecting against these threats:

Keyloggers & Anti-Spyware

Spyware monitors the actions you take on your computer. This type of software tends to fall into the following categories: 
  • Software that is legitimately installed to provide security or workplace monitoring
  • Software associated with marketing data collection
  • Software installed maliciously - either as a general violation of a user's privacy or to collect information that allow further attacks on their computer or online transactions (i.e. collecting passwords via a "keylogger") 
While many antivirus programs are capable of finding and removing spyware threats, there are dedicated products that can help: 
In general, spyware can affect the performance of the computer it's installed on, as the software will often attempt to send any gathered information to a host server. This has the knock-on effect of affecting latency and may reduce your internet speed.
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