Securing your account

There are a number of things you can do to help keep your account secure. This is even more important if you have reason to believe that any of your personal information has been compromised:

1. Make sure your email account is secure
If someone gets control of your email account, they will be able to access your game account by requesting a password change or disabling your game account's Authenticator. Make sure your email account is protected with a unique password and add an additional layer of security with 2-Factor Authentication. 


2. Add the Authenticator to your account
Using the Authenticator will add an extra layer of security, making it that much harder for unauthorised users to access your account.


3. Change your RuneScape password
You should use a unique password for every online account and never share your password with anyone.


4. Set a RuneScape Bank PIN
Setting a Bank PIN protects your hard-earned wealth by allowing you to place all your important items in your bank and locking them behind a Bank PIN.


5. Make sure any linked accounts are secure
If you created your account through a third party or linked your account to a third party please utilise the third party's account security features (such as Google's  2-step verification, Apple's two-factor authentication or Steam Guard)


6. Remove any hijacker set linked accounts

You should check your linked accounts to find out if a hijacker has set a third-party account. Removing it will ensure they cannot maintain access to your account. 


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