Securing your computer and account

If you think your account might be compromised, or you want to secure your computer, follow these helpful tips.
TIP: If you're unable to access your account due to a compromise, here are some steps to recover your account and follow steps 1 through 5 to secure your computer.
1. Scan your computer for malicious software. For more information, go to our Security Software page.
2. Keep your computer's operating system and internet browser up to date. If your device is missing critical security updates it will be less secure.
3. Turn your browser's inbuilt phishing filter on. These will check visited websites against a database of illegitimate websites and alert you if it poses a potential risk.
We'd recommend enabling these features where possible.
4. Reset the password for your registered email address. The password for your registered email and account should always be different. Make sure you're choosing a strong password by following our Password creation advice
5. Consider enabling 2-Step authentication for your email address. Using 2-Step authentication adds an additional layer of security for your account.
6. Reset your RuneScape password. The password for your registered email and account should always be different. For more information go to our Password creation advice.
7. Add RuneScape Authenticator to your account. Using Authenticator will add an extra layer of security for your account.
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