Community Helper Team

Community Helpers are regular members of the community who go above and beyond to support players within the RuneScape Community. Whilst endorsed by Jagex, they can not remove offences, review or edit account settings or bypass regular security.

Community Helpers support the Jagex Customer Service team by providing helpful links to the Support Centre, assisting with regular or common issues, issuing practical advice and tips, as well as acting as a friendly point of contact should you need help as to where to go for support.

To ensure our helpers are providing the best possible service, they're issued with a set of guidelines and are regularly provided feedback by Jagex. Community Helpers are currently selected by an invite only process. Any website inviting you to register to become a Helper is fake.

The official RuneScape Twitter Support account is @JagexSupport. 

For a list of our verified Community Helpers please see below.

Forum Helpers:

  • Whos-Dr
  • Mexk
  • Samora Kiba
  • Ythaar-Mej
  • Stevie5646
  • Malua
  • L0ne Druid
  • Dibi
  • Pescao6
  • Gavo
  • Quest Luke
  • Leta
  • Amazonkaty
  • Finance
  • Jeremy C
  • Asahel Frost
  • Nubby Nubnub
  • Anatamize
  • Mad Revant
  • Chow Chow
  • Pippyspot
  • Lucine
  • Alexander
  • Kathy
  • Aggroblut
  • Iceberg
  • Elf

Twitter Helpers:

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