Most of us want to have a good reputation. It helps us to make friends, find jobs, and it lets people know that we are trustworthy and responsible people. Your online reputation can be just as important as your real life reputation. Universities/Colleges and employers are known to use online search engines to look up potential applicants and what they find could either improve or shatter their opinion of you.

Whenever you do something online, whether you're sharing information about yourself or just sharing your opinion, you should think about whether you would be okay sharing that information with everybody.

Posting a comment or uploading something to the internet is extremely quick and easy but it isn't as easy to take it back again. Information can be passed on, duplicated and stored in many different places. Anyone could view it and you wouldn't have any control of it. So before you post personal information about yourself, you should be sure that you wouldn't mind if that information was then passed on to your family, friends or even complete strangers. Before posting comments, consider whether it is something you would be happy to say in front of your teachers or your boss.

If you would like information on account security then please head over to the Security section of the knowledge base.

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