Moderators and Community Helpers

There are two types of Moderators that you may see in-game, and another type of Moderator for our forums. There is also a group of Community Helpers who you may encounter in your adventures and who act to help both Mods and players.

JMods are Jagex Moderators, who are employed as staff members by Jagex and work from our office.

When a JMod chats in-game, they will have a golden mod crown next to their name.

On the official RuneScape forum, JMod posts and replies have a golden outline.

Many of our JMods also have their very own Mod Twitter account, where they talk about anything from breakfast to the very latest game updates.

PMods are Player Moderators, volunteer members of the community who have shown themselves to be friendly and community minded before being invited to join the PMod team.

It is up to the individual Player Moderator whether they offer in-game assistance or not. They are generally friendly and helpful, so if they have time they're happy to point you in the right direction.

When a PMod chats in-game they will have a silver mod crown next to their name. PMods who also have the Gold Premier club package can opt to show a silver version of the VIP star instead of the crown.

PMods help Jagex by protecting the community from disruptive or offensive players. PMods are given the ability to temporarily mute other players through priority abuse reports, while Jagex review the incident. They also have access to private forums where they can discuss moderation and community issues with other PMods and dedicated JMod curators. 

Experienced PMods may be invited to become a PMod Mentor. PMod Mentors help support newly invited PMods by answering questions and clarifying the PMod guidelines. 

Player Moderators work hard to create a safe, fun and welcoming gaming environment. They do so out of their passion for the community. Therefore Jagex operates a zero tolerance approach towards any abuse directed towards our volunteer moderators (and any player for that matter), and will take swift action towards anyone who deliberately goes out of their way to maliciously disrupt and harass our volunteer moderators.

FMods are forum moderators, volunteer members of the community who are actively helpful and friendly throughout the RuneScape forums, and as such have been invited into the role by Jagex.

They help to keep our Forums clean and organized by helping, locking inappropriate threads or moving them to where they'll get the best reception.

On the forums, you'll see that FMod replies have a green glow surrounding the post.

FMods don't have any changes or powers in-game that regular players don't have (unless they are also a PMod).

Community Helpers
Our Community Helpers are players who have shown themselves to be helpful and dedicated members of the RuneScape community with the knowledge required to help our support team, on the Forums and on Twitter.

While not equipped with full moderation powers, our official community helpers have the ability to help out, including being able to move forum threads into our dedicated Community Support subforums;

On the forums, many of our Community Helpers sport the title "Community Helper", which is only available to those in this role, above their display name. 

Members of our Community Helpers aren't just around our forums though, you can also find many of them on Twitter at all times of the day. 

Check out this article for a full list of Helper's names, Twitter handles and more information.

Security reminder
No Mods or Helpers will ever contact you out of the blue via email or other sites to request information from you or make offers (such as PMod status), and you should never give out information such as your password - even to Mods.

Jagex will only ever contact you through your In-Game Message Centre, and will never ask for your password.

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