Friend Settings

The friends list allows you to keep in contact with the friends you make in Gielinor, telling you which world they are in, making it easier to arrange a meeting with your friends in-game.

As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

Your friends list can be found once in game by clicking on the following icons.

1. Hover over the below icon

2. Then click on the 'Friends' icon

3. Your friends list will then appear.

How do I add a friend?

There are different ways to add friends to your friends list. Here is one example of how to add a friend.

1. Once you have opened your friends list click on the ‘+’ in the bottom left of the friend’s interface

2. Enter the character name of your friend’s account

3. After you have added a person to your friends list you will be informed whenever your friend logs in or out of Gielinor (unless their privacy settings block this).

Players on your list who are currently playing on the same world as you are shown in green, people who are playing but on a different world from yourself are shown in yellow, and players who are not currently playing are shown in red.

Right-clicking a name will bring up a menu allowing you to perform several options:

Trail - Shows a breadcrumb trail to your friend. Left-clicking your friend's name also does this. This only works if you are on the same game world.
Message - Sends a direct message to your friend. This only works if your friend is online.
Quick Message - Sends a direct message to your friend using Quick Chat.
Join - Transfers you to the world that your friend is on. This only works if your friend is online.
Add Note - Lets you add a note to this player, such as where you met them or previous display names. This note can only be 30 characters long.
Delete - Removes the player from your friends list. Clicking the red button with a '-' on it will also do this.

You can have 200 friends on your friends list, members can have 400.

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