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Your Friends List is a list of people you have added. It shows you their online status, current character name and which world they are in.

Finding the Friends List 

  • RuneScape Community tab community_icon.png > Friends list Friends_list.png

  • Old School - Friends List tab friends_list_os.png

You can also access your Friends List from the Lobby.


Using the Friends List
There are different ways to add players to the list, you can do this by:

  • Selecting on the yellow plus in RuneScape ( Add_friend_to_friends_list.png ) or 'Add Friend' in Old School and typing their name in the chat box
  • Right-clicking their name in the chat box

In this view you can see the different status' of the players on your Friends List

  • Green - Online players in the same world as you
  • Yellow - Online players in a different world
  • Red - Offline players

How many Friends can I add? 

  • Non members can add 200 players to their Friends List
  • Members can add 400 players to their Friends List

If you have 200 friends or more, but your membership expires, you will keep your existing friends but will be unable to add any new ones. 


Friends List Options 




Shows a breadcrumb trail to your friend. Left-clicking your friend's name also does this. This only works if you are on the same game world.


Sends a direct message to your friend. This only works if your friend is online.

Quick Message

Sends a direct message to your friend using Quick Chat.


Hops you to the world that your friend is on. This only works if your friend is online.

Add Note

Lets you add a note to this player, such as where you met them or previous display names. This note can only be 30 characters long.


Removes the player from your friends list. Clicking the red button with a '-' on it will also do this.


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