Setting the Authenticator - Desktop/laptop (Authy)

If you do not have access to a mobile device to set up the Authenticator then Authy is available for all PC, iOS, and Android.

The instructions below are intended as a guide only. Jagex is not responsible for the content of the application outlined below and players using it do so at their own risk.

You will need

  • A desktop or laptop with internet access
  • The Google Chrome internet browser
  • A mobile phone able to receive a call or SMS message to verify your identity
  • Your RuneScape account login and password
  • A validated email on your RuneScape account

Step by Step guide

1. Visit the Authy website and click on the relevant Operating System 

2. Click Add to Chrome


Once the Add Authy pop-up appears, click Add app

3. Set up:

  • Select your country's phone code
  • Enter a contact number
  • Click OK

  • Enter a valid email address
  • Click OK


  • Verify your identity via: Call or SMS

Your Authy account is now registered.

4. Access your RuneScape Account Settings and click the Authenticator tab

5. Click Enable Now

6. Click Set up Now

7. Click Can't Scan The Code?

  • This will generate a code for you to use

8. Return to the Authy application and click External Accounts

9. Enter the code generated by the RuneScape Authenticator page (see step 7), and then click Add Account


10. You will then be presented with the option to customise the logo and name for your account. This is entirely your preference

11. Exit this page when Done and then click on the account you have just added

12. Add the telephone number you provided (in step 3) onto your RuneScape Authenticator

13. Your account is now protected.


 For additional security we recommend adding the Authy Chrome Extension to your chrome apps. 

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