Client on Windows - How to...

...check the progress of the Client cache?

You may need to do this if you're finding that the client is slow at loading areas or landscapes (such as trees or buildings) around your character. If it's not loaded fully it can reduce performance and cause lag, especially if you change areas suddenly, such as teleporting or going into an instanced area.

To check the progress of the cache;

  1. First, make sure you have the client open and focused.
  2. Use the key combination Alt and ` to open the Developer Console overlay.
    • The ` or ¬ key is located under the 'Esc' key, next to the 1 key.
    • If this key combination does not open the overlay, try making sure your keyboard language is set to English (UK).
  3. Once the overlay is open, enter the command displayfps, this will open a separate overlay showing information such as your FPS and disk cache progress.
  4. The cache progress is listed as Disk Cache, and when complete, is around 4 - 5GB.

If your cache is showing a much lower number than this, the text will likely be red or orange, which suggests you should allow it to load further before playing.

While the cache is designed to be able to load while in-game, it will cause a noticeable performance drop, and will stop or slow down downloading if the client detects a significantly low FPS.

...change the world Client connects to?

In the Java client, this is done by changing the "-Dcom.jagex.config=" line in the RuneScape.prm file.

It's a little simpler in the RuneScape client.

  1. Right click on the client shortcut created on your desktop during download. By default this is called "RuneScape Launcher".
  2. Select "Properties" and look for the "Web Document" tab.
  3. In this tab, you'll see a "URL" box, containing the line;
  4. Change the 'www' to 'world1' (replacing 1 with your desired world). The line should now look like;
  5. Select 'Ok', and reopen the client using this shortcut.

...install the cache on my second hard drive?

During installation, you can select the file location to set up the files.

You can also change the cache locations through the client! On the login page in the client, there should be an options button in the bottom left of the client, in which you can browse and relocate the two cache locations.

The first ('Cache Folder') will be the larger folder containing the preloaded assets. And the user settings will be much smaller and have your settings!

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