Client on Mac

Old, incompatible drivers can wreak havoc, and cause a number of issues, so the first step should always be to make sure that you have updated your Mac fully.

Unable to open or play on the RuneScape client

If you can’t install or are experiencing crashing and error messages, first check out our Client known issues thread, and these known errors (and their fixes) for Mac.

Client is running slowly / is laggy

The cache not having finished downloading is a pretty common cause of lagging or stuttering on the client. We have put together some steps on how to check the progress of the cache download to help with this.

Another thing that can cause lag, usually stuttering, when playing is your camera mode. You can find two camera modes, by heading to Settings, Controls and under Camera look for Camera type. Classic often results in stuttering or even appearing to jump around the world, so try switching to RS3!

In your in-game graphic settings locate the 'VSync' option & turn it on - this fixes the vast majority of lag issues that still remain after the cache has downloaded and the basic PC health checks at step one have been done.

Make sure your PC has the best chance of running the client so consider closing other applications which may be running in the background & switching to an ethernet connection if you're on wireless (especially if other people are also sharing your internet connection). Boost your connection - check out our top tips here!

Reducing any of your graphic settings will also improve performance.

If you’re still having trouble, even after the cache is complete, we have two pages to help; how to generally optimize performance, and optimizing laptop performance.

I found a bug

If you experience any problems with the game content the best way to let us know is by submitting a bug report from within the client.

What are the client specs?

For the client experience, we recommend at least the following:

  • CPU: Dual Core, AMD Phenom II or Intel i3/i5 CPU, 2.4+ GHz
  • RAM: 4GB+
  • GPU: GeForce 400x series, Intel HD 4x series, AMD Radeon 7xxx series
  • Disk Drive: A very fast HDD ideally a Hybrid HDD or SSD
  • Storage: At least 8GB of storage space available for the client cache

I still need help!

Our Community Helpers & Jagex Technical Mods are on hand providing solutions quickly to the vast majority of client issues. Please try them first if you want help fast!

Community: Get help on our forums

If you've tried everything above, including posting on our Community Led Technical Support forum and you're still stuck, you can use the button below to let us know your unique issue.

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