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We recommend using the latest version of both the distribution and the drivers for your installed hardware to optimise your RuneScape experience.

Before updating directly to the latest version, you may need to confirm there are no issues affecting your hardware by checking reviews for the latest version.

Update your Ubuntu version as required, using the Update Manager.

Graphics Drivers

Some will be included in the installation of Ubuntu, such as noveau for NVidia graphics cards, the Radeon drivers for AMD graphics cards and Intel HD Graphics drivers - these will be installed/updated when using the Update Manager above.

They do not always have the full functionality of the manufactures drivers, which we would suggest installing / updating if you're having any graphical issues.

Proprietary drivers (closed source drivers, written by the hardware manufactures) are not included in Ubuntu, and instead can be downloaded / installed through other programs or manually with the command line.

You can find information on how to install and update these drivers on the following pages;

Other drivers

To make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware, there is also the Software and Updates tool;

  1. Open up the Software & Updates tool from the Unity Dash
  2. Click the Additional Drivers tab
  3. Follow any on-screen prompts to check for, install and apply any changes

Having trouble with these steps?

For further help with Linux issues, check out our community technical support forum!

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