Using Bonds to change character names

Members have the ability to change character names for free once every 28 days via their Account Settings. The cool-down can be bypassed by redeeming a RuneScape or Old School Bond for an instant name change.
If you are not a member, you will need to become a member to change your name.
  • RuneScape
    1. The process starts from the Bond Management menu. This can be done in one of two ways:
    You can select the RuneScape Bonds option on the Upgrades & Extras interface.
    Alternatively you can interact directly with your Bond pouch by right-clicking the pouch and selecting Redeem Bond.
    2. With the Bond Management menu open, on the right-hand side is a scroll-able list of possible purchases that can be made.
    Scroll to Character name change, ensure that this option is selected, and then click Redeem.
    3. Click Redeem Bond to continue with the process, or Cancel if you change your mind.
    4. The Bond will be successfully redeemed and the following screen will appear.
    Please note that if the character name can be changed without use of a Bond (for example via the free name change Membership perk) then the Bond will not be redeemed, and instead you will be prompted to select a new name.
    Clicking continue will direct you to an interface where you can begin changing your name. You will also see how long there is until the next time you can change your name for free, in case you wish to reconsider and use the Bond for another purpose!
    5. Select the Change Name option after which you will be able to enter a character name. 
    Type in the name you desire (if it's available) and press the Enter key to confirm the change. 
    6. A confirmation menu will appear in which you can either Confirm or Cancel. If you opt to Cancel then you will be able to enter a different name.
    8. Clicking Confirm leads to confirmation of your name change appearing. Simply Continue and continue with your adventures!
  • Old School RuneScape
    1. Begin the process by clicking on the 'spanner' (settings) symbol on the HUD, then click on the 'Bonds' button:
    2. In the bottom right under the 'Early Name Change for 1 Bond' section, select 'Redeem Now':
    3. Click confirm to purchase the early name change (or 'Cancel' to go back):
    That's it, you will see a confirmation that you can now change your name.
    You can do this by logging into your Account Settings and your name change will affect both your Old School and RuneScape profiles.

Please note that this does not guarantee the availability of the name you would like to change to and that we are unable to assist in changing, reserving, or transferring character names.

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