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There's a whole load of activities and events going on this week so to help clarify some questions you may have, we've put together this handy FAQ. 

When does Customer Support Week end?

This epic week will come to a close at midnight the 9th of October. Whilst Count Check will remain in game, the extra keys, free XP, clue scrolls & The Drop will be removed. 

Where is Count Check?

Count Check can be found a stones throw away from the Burthorpe lodestone. He's going to be your main man this week - giving out clue scrolls, free XP, handy tips, as well as hosting The Drop and more. Be sure to visit him every day you log in!

How do I get extra Keys during Customer Support Week?

Easy! To get the most out of CS Week, make sure you have a bank PIN & Authenticator enabled - you'll then gain an extra two keys every day upon login. If you have either the PIN or Authenticator enabled, then you'll receive just 1 extra key.

I have the Jagex Account Guardian (JAG) enabled. Why don't I get the extra key?

The Authenticator is our most up to date security offering, and provides enhanced protection over the now unsupported JAG system. It's important our players take advantage of the most advanced security available, which is why we'll only award a Key to those who have the Authenticator enabled. 

I have a bank PIN & Authenticator enabled but I'm only receiving 1 extra key instead of 2 - how come?

Count Check has very high standards! If you've asked for your bank PIN to be disabled, then Count Check won't award you an extra key, as he needs to be sure you plan on keeping your PIN!

I'm in the process of setting up a PIN but have to wait a few days before it's active. Will I still get a key?

As Count Check can see you're looking to level up your security via a bank PIN, he'll award you your extra keys whilst you wait. 

I forgot to collect my daily Clue Scroll from Count Check - is there anyway of getting it? 

Not to worry! Count Check knows we're all busy, so you can retrospectively go back and collect any days you may have missed. He'll run out of Clue Scrolls come midnight the 9th of October, so make sure you collect them before then! 

How do I unlock The Knowledgable title?

The title can be gained through The Drop minigame, accessible via Count Check. You'll need to successfully answer all 12 questions correctly to unlock the title & get your XP lamp. Remember, if you have a bank PIN & Authenticator enabled, you'll get more XP!

I've heard there's a competition I can enter to win some cool free stuff?

You heard correctly! Count Check has a load of goodies to give out, from a years worth of membership to a goodybag bursting with awesome prizes. To be in with a chance to win a year of RS membership, you simply need to have a bank PIN enabled anytime during CS Week. For the goodybag, you'll need to successfully complete The Drop to be in with a chance of winning!

How can I see a full schedule of what's going on and when?

There's loads going on, so we've created a handy calendar to show exactly what's going on and when, which can be found here.

I'm an Old School player - how can I get involved?

Count Check has made a special appearance in Old School as well, and can be found in Lumbridge. He'll be able to check your account security and provide some useful tips. The Stronghold of Security has also been updated in Old School, so be sure to check it out! 

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