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It's one of my favourite times of the year. It's when we really get to go to town with a whole load of crazy Customer Support themed events, content and competitions - it's Customer Support Week!

Mod Kelvin here - I'm the Director of Customer Service here at Jagex. I wanted to talk to you about this year’s CS Week theme and the reasons behind it, as well as what the future looks like for support in RuneScape.

This year we've been placing a huge focus on account security and CS Week is no exception. With rewards and incentives tied into the bank PIN & Authenticator, we're really keen to make sure our players have the best account security possible.

For me, it's clear that account security isn't a unique problem only we face. It's a problem everyone faces on the internet, whether they're a RuneScape player or not. In general, people on the internet aren't as secure as they need to be, and at Jagex we're trying to do our bit to improve awareness, educate our community and provide tools you can all use to level up your security.

Earlier this year we sent out a survey to 20,000 people to gather their thoughts and feedback on account security in general and within RuneScape. We're still analysing the results and feedback, and it has helped us with the design of Customer Support Week, as well as future plans.

Within the Customer Support, over 50% of our work is account security related. The investment in account security is tremendous; from proactively detecting and removing hijackers from the game, to our constant improvement of our automatic hijack prevention systems, which lock 'at risk' accounts before any damage is done. We take our commitment to player security seriously, and constantly evolve our detection methods to ensure we keep way ahead of the hijackers.

Everything we're doing this week is geared towards player security, and you can help us help the community by spreading this message and increasing awareness, and if you haven't already, get yourself a bank PIN & Authenticator.

This is our third Customer Support Week. It's more ambitious than anything we've ever done. We wanted to make sure it was relevant to our players, by giving back to those who have awesome account security through some really cool competitions and giveaways and in game content. We've spent a lot of time on making sure this week is as engaging as possible - it's important to me that we're doing everything we can to help, both in terms of listening to your feedback and making it easier than ever to level up your security.

Count Check is my favourite addition of the week - he's sticking around after CS Week too and when it comes to account security knowledge, he has no competition. If there's one thing you do this week it should be making sure you have a chat with him to double check your own account security settings.

Finally, as I look ahead to the remainder of 2016 and beyond, I wanted to talk about my role and recognise that I'm not as active as I once was on the Forums and within the community. As I've taken on a more senior role, I've handed over operational responsibility to Mods Mixx, Infinity & Stevew - they love what they do and have a real determination to drive the team forward. Whilst I am still involved (you won't get rid of me that easily!) operationally, Mixx, Infinity & Stevew are leading from the front, and have some really exciting plans for the future.

So - have fun this week, take advantage of all the awesome things happening in game, get involved in the AMA's and live streams and most importantly of all make sure you've got a really secure account. There's free XP, extra keys and goodies to be won to those who do!

Happy Gaming,
Mod Kelvin

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