Customer Support Stats - October 2016

Welcome to the latest Customer Support Stats. In this edition we're looking back to October - from our satisfaction scores to the work we've been up to - enjoy!

Customer Satisfaction

Looking at our satisfaction results for October we've creeped up to 88% of our customers satisfied with the service they received. In total we received 1,013 survey responses.

We benchmark ourselves against the industry standard (79%) and also against the average CSAT of businesses who use the same service software as us (85%), and so it's great to see we're still over the average.


Response times

Our response times have continued to improve, with 100% of incoming queries being replied to within 48 hours. We also replied to 9 out of 10 tickets within just 12 hours!

What we've been up to...

Support Tickets 9,888
Account Recovery Appeals 18,008
Offensive Names 6,872
Offence Appeals 600
Tweets 3,149

When we process offence appeals we have four different options, which are grant the appeal, deny the appeal, grant the appeal + lock the account or deny the appeal + change the offence.

Here's the breakdown of what actions specifically we took with the offence appeals we received in October:

Action Taken
Grant Appeal 109
Deny Appeal 485
Grant Appeal + Secure Account 1
Deny Appeal + Modify Offence 5

For offensive names we have three options. We'll either take no action (because the name wasn't inappropriate), or remove it for being offensive or impersonating a member of staff. Here's the breakdown!

Action Taken
No action taken 6,154
Removed for being offensive 715
Removed for impersonation 3

Bot Busting Corner

Keeping cheats out of our game is really important to us and the community, which is why we have a dedicated, fully resourced team who catch and remove anyone found using a macro or bot within Old School or RuneScape Main.

Old School Bot Bans

Ban Type
Permanent Ban 159,451
Temporary Ban + Final Warning 2,537

RuneScape Main Bot Bans

Ban Type
Permanent Ban 190,914
Temporary Ban + Final Warning 2,469

We almost always apply a permanent ban when we find someone who's cheating, but on rare occasions, depending on a number of circumstances, we'll instead opt to issue a temporary ban with trade & game restrictions to act as a very firm warning, as well as removing anything gained through cheating. These are extremely rare cases though, and the main message is: cheating won't go unpunished!

We continue to make improvements to our hijacking detection systems, which allow us to lock accounts which we can confirm were hijacked at the time macro use was detected, which prevents a ban being applied.

That's all for this month - check back in December to find out how we've done in November. 



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