Premier Club 2017: Support Article

Topics include:  Upgrades & Refunds, Missing Daily TH Keys, Other Missing Perks, Cancelling a Recurring agreement

Premier Club is here - running from Monday 28th November 2016

Premier Club has ended: Premier Club stopped being on sale from 23:59:59 (UTC) 5th February 2017.

If you've made a purchase but need some help with anything, please take a look through the sections below. 

Premier Club Upgrade or Refund Request?

If you are looking to upgrade to either a Silver or Gold package, you can do so instantly via the Premier Club Upgrade Screen (click on 'SubScribe' on the homepage), at any time as long as your current Premier Club package is still active.

If you want to get a refund on a Premier Club package, please check that you meet the criteria and speak with our payment support team via our Refund Article

Missing Daily Treasure Hunter Keys?

Remember, here's what a player should expect each time they login to their account: 

Player Type Daily Treasure Hunter Keys
Free to Play 1 TH Key
Normal Member 2 TH Keys
Premier Club Bronze 2 TH Keys
Premier Club Silver 3 TH Keys
Premier Club Gold 3 TH Keys

Important things to note include: 

  • Daily keys do not stack, so if you don't use them within a 24 hour window they will expire and be replaced by the next days daily keys
    • Purchased keys will be used ahead of daily keys, so if you are storing some you won't be making the most of daily keys
  • Any Premier Club Gold user from last year will potentially get 4 TH keys until their 12 months for last year expires. This depends on the date that you made a purchase last year. 

Missing Other Premier Club Perks?

Please remember that only the Gold Premier Club package will see you receive all the perks. 

If you are missing something else, please follow this advice: 

  • Missing Aura - Check your bank and with Xuan in Burthorpe
  • Missing Outfit - Check on your customisation tab 

How to cancel a recurring package

If you are looking to cancel any recurring package set up as part of a Bronze or Silver Premier Club package, please follow the specific steps for either Credit Card Agreements, or PayPal Agreements.

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