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You don't have to rate your experience, but we believe it's important to give you the option to do so.

Why you should vote

  • To help us to understand our players' entire experience
  • So your opinion is heard and used to inform RuneScape and Old School decision making
  • To let our developers know how to continuously improve your experience
    • FAQs

      How long will this feature be here for?

      • This is a permanent change to the game, but we would love to hear your feedback if you feel there are ways we can improve the system. Head over to the forums to share your thoughts!


      Can I opt out?

      • If you don’t want to provide any feedback that’s absolutely fine – just select 'log-out' and no feedback will be sent to Jagex. If you do, just give us a thumbs up or thumbs down.


      Why didn’t you use a star rating?

      • We did a lot of research into which system would be best for this. Star ratings and a thumbs up/down system were the most viable and easy to understand. We found that with a star rating system, most people simply selected one or five stars. Thumbs up/down is the best system for what we’re trying to achieve.


      Why did you change the Options screen?

      • The options screen was updated to include this tool, but we also updated it as part of the mobile project – as the interface was not easy to use on a mobile device.
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