Fake Mobile Betas

App_Icon-Circle.png Old School RuneScape Mobile is now available to download. 

RS_Rune_final.png Find out more about RuneScape Mobile here.


Don't fall for the Mobile Beta phishing scams! 

  • Neither of the Old School RuneScape or RuneScape Mobile apps are in Beta testing anymore so invites are no longer being sent out. 
  • Make sure you only trust our official sites, if you click an advert check the link!
  • Don't trust any fake Facebook pages, our official pages are RuneScape Facebook and Old School Facebook
  • Our official verified Twitch channels are RuneScape Twitch and OldSchoolRS Twitch
  • If you're asked to provide sensitive account information and you're not certain how legit the request is - don't do it! 


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