How to locate your Bond

Game Versions:

If you need assistance trying to find your purchased Bonds in Runescape or Old School Runescape, the below steps will assist you in locating them. 


RS_Rune_final.png                   App_Icon-Circle.png

RuneScape              Old School

RS_Rune_final.png  RuneScape Bonds 

  1. Log in to game
  2. Open your inventory (backpack) backpack.PNG
  3. At the bottom of the inventory is the currency pouch RS_bond.png
  4. Select the Bond to open your currency pouch


App_Icon-Circle.png Old School RuneScape Bonds 

  1. Log in to game
  2. Select account settings settings_icons.png
  3. Then Bond pouch bonds_icons.png
  4. Choose My Bonds


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