How to get set up

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If you're experiencing issues installing or playing the game follow these tips to get sorted:

Up to spec?
For the best client experience, make sure your device meets the Recommended Specifications.


Drivers and OS up to date?
Always make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.

And you're operating system is up to date:

Windows  Mac


Receiving an error message?
Check out our known error messages and how to fix them.


Client running slowly or laggy?
The Client might not be running properly for several reasons. Try each step to fix it.

Close applications running in the background & switch to an ethernet connection.

Check out how to Boost your connection.


Has your cache finished downloading?



Is your Camera Mode set to Classic? If so this could cause stuttering - try changing the camera mode to RS3: 

Settings > Controls > Camera > Camera type > Switch to RS3

classic_to_RS3.gif target=


Try changing your graphics settings to VSync:

Options > 'VSync' > On



Reducing any of your graphics settings will also improve performance.


If you’re still having trouble? Try: Improving RuneScape's performance or Graphical Problems.


      Get help from the community!           



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