Remove Ironman status in RuneScape

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Ironman Mode
Ironman Mode encourages you to be entirely self-sufficient. If you find this too much of a challenge follow the steps to find out if you can remove your Ironman status. 

To remove Ironman
Visit Mr Ex in Edgeville and request your Ironman status is removed, if this option is not available it means you're a permanent Ironman (please see below).

You will have 7 days before your Ironman status is removed. If you change your mind you can speak to Mr Ex again.


Died as a Hardcore Ironman?
Upon death, Hardcore Ironman accounts will automatically be downgraded to an Ironman account. This will happen regardless of whether the account owns additional life items, such as the Jar of Divine Light.

Unable to remove Ironman?
If you have previously requested that Mr Ex never sells you the book of diplomacy it won't be possible to remove Ironman from your character. If you wish to play as a non-Ironman please create a brand new account.

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