Remove Ironman status in Old School

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Ironman Mode
Ironman Mode encourages you to be entirely self-sufficient. If you find this too much of a challenge follow the steps to see if your Ironman status can be removed.


To remove Ironman
Visit Adam the Iron Man tutor in Lumbridge and ask him to remove or downgrade your Ironman account, if the option's not available you're a permanent Ironman (please see below).

You will have 7 days before your permanent status is removed. If you change your mind you can speak to Adam again.


Unable to remove Ironman?

If you have selected 'permanent' during Ironman setup you will not be able to remove your permanent Ironman status yourself. The good news is we are able to remove it for you, please hit 'Contact us' below.

Once we have removed your permanent Ironman status you can continue with the downgrade process:

  1. Log into game for at least 30 minutes (to allow the system to update)
  2. Speak to Adam the Ironman tutor in Lumbridge
  3. Choose what type of Ironman account you would like to downgrade to, such as Unranked Group Ironman, or remove Ironman entirely
  4. Wait 7 days for your Ironman status to change (this wait cannot be bypassed due to security)

contact us
Response ETA: Up to 48 hours

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