Lost Items Policy

We are only about to return items lost due to Technical issues

Account Security
It's vital that you take steps to secure your online information as it's impossible for us to safeguard your personal information, if your account becomes insecure we cannot be held responsible for items going missing.  


Unfortunately we can't stop players from falling for scams, however please make sure you follow the advice provided in our scamming prevention guide to stay safe from future scams. 


Old School RuneScape
We do not have the ability to return any items that may have been lost in Old School RuneScape. This is down to technical limitations with this version of the game.


Technical Issue
If you have lost items due to a technical issue or confirmed bug we will happily look into returning your items. Please be aware that:

  • This service is only available if you have lost your items due to a technical or server issue.
  • We can only see item records for the past 48 hours, if your items were lost prior to this time we won't be able to track the items or validate how they were lost. 
  • We are unable to return items on Old School RuneScape due to technical limitations - even if they were lost due to a bug or connection issue.

Our reason
The reason for our current policy comes down to a number of factors.

  1. We trialled a lost item restoration service some time back, but it became apparent our tools were not designed to be used in this way and the whole system was unsustainable.
  2. We received a high volume of false item claims in an attempt to profit and misuse the system, which severely slowed down the process. It requires detailed, time intensive investigations using tools which aren't up for the job.
  3. We offer a variety of advanced security features, such as a password, authenticator, registered email and bank PIN, which when enabled make it extremely difficult for your account to be taken over but if your personal details and password are known by a third party, there is a chance they will be able to access your account. 
  4. We take account security extremely seriously, and studies suggest that if we were to offer an item return policy for items lost due to account hijacking, we would see an increase in these cases and it would become more common.

Our focus
We're constantly looking at ways to improve our security features, as well as educate players about them in the first instance. We value all of our players, including those who have remained loyal to RuneScape for years - the intention of this policy isn't to cast doubt onto that commitment.  

We'd much rather invest the time and resources to provide the features, tools and advice to prevent scamming happening in the first place, than try and deal with the fall out and chasing after the harm has been done. Prevention truly is better than the cure in this case.


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