Summer Special 2018

Qualifying players can purchase Summer Special 2018 between

Monday 21st May - Sunday 15th July.

Purchase Summer Special


Failed Payment attempt?

Having trouble purchasing your Summer Special package? Take a moment to go through our payment support guides to help you resolve any issues.

We also recommend checking out the information we have available on Credit CardPayPal and Other Methods of Payment when attempting to make your purchase. 


Why am I not eligible for summer special package?

Premier Club Gold users already get all the perks associated to this years summer special, but will be given an additional Premier Club token for free on Monday 21st May 2018.

See further details around this and other questions on the official FAQ


How do I upgrade a 3-month summer special package to the 6-month package?

You can upgrade your 3-month summer special package via the website, or via bonds in game. This will add the additional 3-months membership as well all the perks associated to the 6-month offering.

Note this must be done within 3 months after purchase.


Why can't I use the Enlightenment Aura?

The Enlightenment aura is no longer a part of the annual summer special package, and cannot be used in game anymore. 


I have a different Question?

Check out the Official Forum Thread for any updates, where you can also provide feedback that you think could help us with the current or future Summer Specials. 


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