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How do I find my rewards?
Once you’ve logged into Prime Gaming, claimed your reward, and linked your RuneScape account, the first reward will be added to your account automatically.

Each month head back to Prime Gaming to claim the reward and ensure it is added to your account.


RuneScape Rewards



Types of Reward(s) How to find your reward
7 days membership Added to your account immediately and stacks on top of any current membership. If you already have an active membership, your next rebill date will be pushed back by 7 days. 
Currency Packs (200 RuneCoins & 35 Treasure Hunter keys) Press F6. Under Solomon's General Store, notice your additional 200 RuneCoins. Your 35 keys will be shown under Treasure Hunter. 
Yak Track Care Packages  The content of the Yak Track Care Package will be added to your account immediately: 
  • 5 Yak Track Skip Tokens 
  • 5,000 Oddments 
  • 5 Smouldering Lamps
Umbral Chests Umbral chests are automatically added to your Inventory (Backpack). If your inventory is full, they will be held until you free up some space and log back in, or talk to Diango.
Prime Gaming Knowledge Bombs  These will be added to your backpack immediately. If you do not have space, they will be added once the space becomes available.
Prime Aura This will be added to your backpack immediately. 

Any Cosmetic Rewards  Any cosmetic items will be added to your customisation tab
Any Pets Any pets will be added to your pet interface
Ensure you have linked your Prime Gaming and RuneScape accounts. You need to claim each unique reward each month.

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Can I claim last month's reward?
Each month comes with a brand new reward. If you missed last month's reward it will have expired and you won't be able to claim it.


Can I claim rewards on my Old School account?

There are no Old School specific rewards in this promotion. However, the 7 days membership rewards will apply to both the RuneScape and Old school versions of the account where you claim the reward. 


I’m an Ironman – can I still get the rewards?
If you have an Ironman account you will receive everything as normal except for any Umbral Chests, Treasure Hunter Keys, or other XP granting items (including the Prime Aura).


Do I keep the rewards even if I leave Prime Gaming?
Yes. Once you’ve claimed the rewards, they’re yours to keep unless they are a consumable or temporary item that will be removed once it has been used/expires.

  • The membership starts immediately and will remain in effect until it's expired.
  • The consumable items (TH Keys, RuneCoins, Umbral Chest) will remain on your account until you use them.
  • Temporary items like the Prime Aura will be removed once the item offers no further benefits in game. 

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What sort of rewards do the Umbral Chests contain?
Selected rewards from Treasure Hunter. The rewards you receive on opening an Umbral Chest is random, but will be of super-rare quality!


How does the Prime Aura work?
The Prime Aura is a little different to other Auras as it will land in your backpack. All you'll need to do is equip it and it'll be added to your Aura slot.

The Prime Aura gives you the following benefits:

  • 10% XP boost in all skills for 30 minutes per day
  • 5% chance to up the bonus to 100% on any given day

The aura is a temporary item available to P2P and F2P users, but cannot be used on Iron accounts.

Aura availability:

  • 11th January - 7th February 2022 - Aura claimable (you'll need to claim it even if you claimed 2021's Aura)
  • 11th April 2022 - Aura end date - The Aura will be removed from your account


Why doesn't Diango have my rewards?
You do not need to claim your rewards from Diango as they will be added to your account automatically. Please check the table above for more details about where to find them!

The only time you may need to speak to Diango, is if you don't have enough space to hold your Umbral Chests.


Can my recruited friend use the Prime Gaming free membership?
Free membership added to accounts through the Prime Gaming membership offer will not be recognised on the Recruit a Friend system. In order to benefit from the Recruit a Friend perks, membership has to be purchased on the friend's account.

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