RuneScape Mobile FAQ

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Some specially selected players have been invited to take part in a RuneScape Mobile Beta test, taking place in August 2018. 

Are you one of the lucky one's? Here's some useful information to help you out. 

You'll need

  • An invitation in both your Email inbox and Message Centre - check your verification code matches for authenticity! 



  • If you've been invited, you can download the RuneScape Mobile Beta app via the link in the invite
  • Make sure you're logging into the Google Play Store with the email we contacted you on
  • You will need to login to the RuneScape account you received the Message Centre invite to 


Join the conversation! 

The feedback you provide is incredibly important to us and directly impacts the development of RuneScape Mobile, so please take some time to help a brother out. 

  • You can provide feedback in the RuneScape 'Mobile Testing – July 18’' forum
  • Don't forget to fill in the survey that was sent in your email  


Coming back for Mobile?

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