RuneScape Mobile FAQ

Game Versions:

Exciting times are on the horizon! RuneScape Mobile's nearly ready for its full launch on both Android and iOS. Register your interest now.

What you'll need to play

  • A RuneScape account 
  • A device running:
    • Android | 8.0 or higher with 2GB ram or more
    • iOS | The latest iOS version
    • Subject to ongoing performance and compatibility improvements, some devices might not be able to install or update to the latest version.


Your first time in Gielinor for a while?

No problem! We’ve got tonnes of information designed to help new and returning players. Check it out and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


iOS Closed Beta

In preparation for launch, we’ve removed the beta from the Apple store.


More Information 

For the latest information on RuneScape Mobile and everything else RuneScape, keep an eye on our official news channel.




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