RuneScape Mobile FAQ

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Your game, available to play anywhere for members on Android.

You'll need

  • A RuneScape account with active membership
  • An Android device with Android 6.0 or higher - anything below is not supported
  • Hang in there iOS users, your turn won't be long now!

Members are invited to download the RuneScape Mobile Beta app from the Google Play Store.


  • There's a limited number of downloads available on a first come first serve basis, but we'll be expanding regularly as the beta progresses.
  • If you can't see the Install option on the Play Store, this means it's not currently available to download, but be sure to check back often!
  • Players with access to the closed beta will continue to have access.

Coming back for Mobile?

Need help?

  • Check out RuneScape news for more information!
  • Please use the RuneScape Mobile Testing Forum to report bugs, provide feedback, or for answers from our awesome community!





What device do I need to download the game?
You will need an Android device with Android 6.0 or higher. If you do not have the right device the game will not work.


Why isn't the download option available?
If the download option is not available it might mean the limited number of downloads has been reached. We want to make sure the game is stable and working so we'll be increasing the size of the beta as we go!

We'll let you know when we're opening up the next lot of access. Make sure you keep a close eye on these channels:


Why can't I create an account?
There are several reasons why you might be having issues creating an account.
Email: If you are receiving a message that your email address has already been used you won't be able to create another account with the same email, try recovering your account or using a different email.
Name unavailable: If you are told a name is unavailable try choosing a different name


Why can't I login?
If you're not able to login and play, make sure you're using the correct login name or email (if you created the account before 2010 it'll be your first character name, after that an email).
If you think you might have forgotten your password try recovering your account.


Why was my password reset denied?
If your account recovery request was denied it's because you haven't provided enough information to confirm to us you are the rightful owner. Please check the email response for more details of what we need from you.


How do I change the language of the app?
The language on RuneScape Mobile is currently determined by your phones language, provided that it is in one we localize to. 


Why is the app saying I need to update?
The android app will ask you to update if it hasn't yet downloaded an update from the Play Store. Please open the Play Store and hit 'Update'. If you're using the iOS beta please head to the testflight app to update (sometimes it can take a couple of hours between us deploying the update and it being available on your device).

If you're installing from an unknown source rather than the official App / Play Store the app will not update like the store does. Please be aware that if you're not using the official stores then you're using an unsafe build - your account security could be in danger and subject to data mining. 



Why do I have to be a member to play?
During the Beta testing period the app is available for members only.


Can I make a purchase on mobile?
Yes! You can purchase Bonds, membership and key packages.


What if I change my mind and want a refund?
If you're unhappy with a purchase you've made on the Mobile app contact Google Play to request a refund.



What are the minimum requirements for my device?
* Android 6.0 or later.
* 2GB RAM.
* OpenGL ES3.


Why can't I login?
If you're receiving a 'connecting to server' error message try connecting to Wifi or waiting until you have a stronger mobile connection.


Why is my game lagging?
To improve your connection, close any unused programs that could be using lots of data. You can also try connecting to a different world, or connecting directly to Wifi.


How can I stop the app from draining my battery?

  • Reduce your phones brightness
  • Turn off any background apps
  • Turn on medium battery saver mode 
  • Adjusting the FPS in settings will reduce the amount of battery used to run the game


My device is connected to the Vodafone network, can I play?
We are currently aware that some Vodafone users are not able to launch the client correctly. Please contact Vodafone and request access to age restricted content.


Do Android tablets support the app?
Our focus for the open beta was primarily phones. You can attempt to install and play on a tablet but it might not be flawless just yet. It is still a beta after all.


What are the known issues with RS Mobile?

  • UI layouts, interactions and font size are still work in progress 
  • App freezing - make sure you're up to date
  • App unresponsive - could be due to loss of connection, try restarting the app
  • Game locking up or crashing - reduce draw distance and disable textures 
  • Tapping might be off set on some devices - enable Full Screen in settings (this will be resolved soon)
  • Issues moving items onto the action buttons - toggle the action bar

We are aware of and working on the following issues:

  • Some combat tutorials cannot be completed
  • Occasionally taps on the interface will not be registered 
  • Certain boss health bars and other stat displays can overlap the chat window
  • Large amounts of particle effects can cause performance issues

Your most common feedback in it's very own forum thread!

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