Use the same login email for different accounts

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Some email providers allow you to use multiple variations of your email address and still have emails delivered to the same inbox.

This means you can create multiple RuneScape accounts with a slight variation in the login email and still have all RuneScape emails sent to the one email account.

Please note your registered email will be unaltered. 

Try out this simple tip:

Add a plus at the end of your username
You can add a plus (+) after your username followed by any number or word.

  • =
  • =

Most major email providers support plus addressing. 

Another benefit of using a unique login email is that it adds an extra layer of security. As the email address is not used elsewhere, it decreases the risk of your email appearing on hacked database lists and the reduces the risk of social engineering attacks. 

To keep your account secure, please make sure the additional text is not used elsewhere and would not be obvious to an attacker. 



Gmail also offers these additional solutions: 

Use instead of
Both the and domains work interchangeably.

  • =

Add full stops to your username
Gmail ignores full stops in the username part of an email address (anything before the @).

  • =

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