Twitch Prime FAQ

Watch RuneScape and Old School on Twitch: RS_Rune_final.png App_Icon-Circle.png


Twitch Prime subscribers can login to game and claim some fantastic benefits. If you're not a Twitch Prime member sign up to the 30 day free trial now!

What you'll get your hands on

RS_Rune_final.png RuneScape: 

  • Umbral Flame Blade: cosmetic weapon override
  • Umbral Armour: cosmetic armour overrides
  • Umbral Crassian: companion pet
  • 2 Umbral Chests: each containing a reward
  • 1 month’s RuneScape and Old School membership
  • 15 Treasure Hunter Keys
  • 200 RuneCoins

App_Icon-Circle.png Old School:

  • 1 month’s RuneScape and Old School membership
  • Access to the purple skin colour


What’s Twitch Prime?
Twitch Prime is a premium experience on Twitch that is included with an Amazon Prime membership.

Twitch Prime benefits includes:

  • Bonus games
  • Exclusive in-game content
  • A channel subscription every 30 days at no additional cost to be used on any Partnered channel
  • Ad-free viewing on Twitch
  • Exclusive emotes
  • Chat badge
  • Plus, you'd get member pricing on new release box games on Amazon.

They offer a 30-day free trial, so give it a go!

Sign up to Twitch Prime


Use your Twitch Prime Subscription on our content creators
One of the perks of Twitch Prime is a free subscription to a Twitch streamer every month.

So, why not support one of our brilliant content creators? Find out how to subscribe to a channel. Check who's live now and show your support for them. 


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I need help with Twitch Prime! 
Check out this super helpful Twitch Prime Guide.


I’m an Ironman – can I still get the rewards?
If you have an Ironman account you will receive everything as normal except for the Umbral Chests or Treasure Hunter Keys. 


Where is Twitch Prime available? 

Check out Twitch's article about where you can purchase Twitch Prime via Amazon Prime.

When signing up for Twitch Prime, if you receive a message that your address is invalid it might mean Twitch Prime is not available in your country.

Please make sure you're selecting your current country when purchasing Twitch Prime, or your rewards will not successfully be added to your account. 


Linking Accounts

How do I claim my rewards?

Once you are a Twitch Prime member follow these steps (even if your RuneScape and Twitch accounts are already linked) 

  1. Click the Loot Crown Loot_Crown.png on Twitch
  2. On the 'RuneScape: Membership and Loot Pack' click 'Claim Offer'
  3. A green box will appear stating the loot has been 'Added to your Twitch Account'
  4. To add the rewards to your RuneScape account head to Twitch Prime claiming rewards  
  5. Click 'Get Loot'
  6. Confirm your Twitch Account 
  7. Login to your RuneScape Account
  8. Hit 'Confirm' to have the rewards added to your account
  9. Once you receive this success message your rewards have been successfully added to your account!


How do I link and unlink my Twitch account?  

  1. Head to the 'Linked Accounts' tab in Account Settings.
  2. Click 'Update Preferences'
  3. Select Manage Twitch 


What's the difference between Twitch Prime and Twitch drops? 

Twitch Prime is a subscription to the Twitch Prime benefits mentioned above. This special offer will mean rewards will be added to your RuneScape account if you sign up. 

Twitch drops are rewards you can win by watching our streams on Twitch. Make sure you’ve activated Twitch drops on your RuneScape account.



How do I find my rewards?

Once you’ve logged into Twitch Prime, claimed your loot, and linked your RuneScape account, the rewards will be added to your account automatically.


 How to find your reward

1 Months membership 

Added to your account immediately and stacks ontop of any current membership.

If you already have active membership, your next rebill date will be pushed back by a month.

Cosmetics and pet

Automatically added to your Wardrobe 

Umbral Chests

Automatically added to your Inventory (Backpack) where you can open them to receive a prize from each.

If your inventory is full, they will be held until you free up some space and log back in, or speak to Diango. 

Exclusive Umbral Armour

  1. Press F2
  2. In the search bar type "Umbral"
  3. See the "Umbral Armour" unlocked

Exclusive Flame Blade Weapon

  1. Press F2
  2. Click Filter by slot
  3. In the search bar type "flame"
  4. See both the "Umbral Flameblade Sword" and "Umbral 2h Flameblade Sword"

15 Treasure Hunter Keys

  1. Press F6
  2. Under Treasure Hunter, notice 17 keys are available

Two Treasure Hunter keys are provided per day to RuneScape members

200 RuneCoins

  1. Press F6
  2. Under Solomon's General Store, notice 200 RuneCoins are available

Purple Skin (OSRS)

Visit the Makeover Mage (found just South-West of Falador) to make yourself purple!


Do I keep the rewards even if I leave Twitch Prime?
Yes.  Once you’ve claimed the rewards, they’re yours to keep.

  • The cosmetics and pet will remain on your account permanently.
  • The membership starts immediately and will remain in effect until its 30 days have elapsed.
  • The consumable items (TH Keys, RuneCoins, Umbral Chests) will remain on your account until you use them.

What sort of rewards do the Umbral Chests contain?
Selected rewards from Treasure Hunter. The rewards you receive on opening an Umbral Chest is random, but will be of super-rare quality!


Why doesn't Diango have my rewards?
You do not need to claim your rewards from Diango as they will be added to your account automatically. Please check the table above for more details about where to find them!

The only time you will need to speak to Diango, is if you don't have enough space to hold your Umbral Chest. 


Amazon Prime

Do Amazon Prime members get Twitch Prime?
If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can obtain Twitch Prime at no additional cost by connecting your Amazon account to your Twitch account.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member but you want to be - Sign up to Amazon Prime and link your account to Twitch  


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