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Why can't I login?
If you're receiving a 'connecting to server' error message try connecting to Wifi or waiting until you have a stronger mobile connection. You can also try logging on Desktop first and then logging on Mobile to ensure your account is activated.


Why is my game lagging?
To improve your connection, close any unused programs that could be using lots of data. You can also try connecting to a different world, or connecting directly to Wifi. Check out some tips to Improve Mobile Performance.


How can I stop the app from draining my battery?

  • Reduce your phones brightness
  • Turn off any background apps
  • Turn on medium battery saver mode
  • Adjusting the FPS in settings will reduce the amount of battery used to run the game


My device is connected to the Vodafone network, can I play?
We are currently aware that some Vodafone users are not able to launch the client correctly. Please contact Vodafone and request access to age restricted content (Trolls are naked after all).


Do tablets support the app?
Our current focus is primarily phones. The game is not yet optimised for tablet devices.

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