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Where can I install RuneScape Mobile?


What device do I need to download the game?
To install and run RuneScape Mobile you will need:

  • Android | Android 8.0 or higher and at least 2GB ram
  • iOS | iOS 13 or higher

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Where are my pre-registration rewards?


Rewards for pre-registration unlock at 0:00 Game Time on June 17th. All you need to do to receive the rewards package is log into RuneScape on your Mobile device. Once you have done this, the rewards will be added to your account!

Collecting your pre-registration Rewards:

  • Log in on Mobile to claim your rewards
  • Once you have logged in on Mobile, on any device, you can access your cosmetic rewards.
  • Your 50% XP Buff is now active automatically and expires 00:00 on June 24th.

How to access your pre-registration Cosmetics on Mobile:

  • Log in to the game and enter the game world
    • Note: You must have completed the Davendale Tutorial before you can claim your rewards
  • Press the Home button in the top left-hand corner of your screen
  • Press the Mask button on the left-hand side of the Home Screen. 
  • Your Customization items can be found in these menus. To best find your items, we recommend setting the filters to ‘Owned’ or use the search bar in this menu:
  • To find: 
    • The Soft Punk Hairstyle, Crux Eqal Armor and Crux Eqal Sword look under Wardrobe
    • The Magic Leap Teleport Device look under Animations -> Teleports
    • The Scales Animated Pet can be found under Pets -> Companion Pets

How to access your pre-registration Cosmetics on Desktop:

  • Log in to the game and enter a game world
  • Click the Mask icon on the options ribbon
    • This is usually located in the bottom right of your screen
  • Your Customization items can be found in these menus. To best find your items, we recommend setting the filters to ‘Owned’ or use the search bar in this menu.


Why can't I create an account?
There are two main reasons you might be having issues creating an account:

  • Email: If you are receiving a message that your email address has already been used you won't be able to create another account with the same email, try recovering your account or using a different email.
  • Name unavailable: If you are told a name is unavailable try choosing a different name.


Why can't I log in?
If you're not able to log in and play, make sure you're using the correct login name or email (if you created the account before 2010 it'll be your first character name, after that an email).
If you think you might have forgotten your password try recovering your account.


Why was my password reset denied?
If your account recovery request was denied it's because you haven't provided enough information to confirm to us you are the rightful owner. Please check the email response for more details of what we need from you.

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How do I change the language of the app?
Before logging in or hitting "Play" tap the language selector in the lower-left corner to choose your language. Supported languages are English; French; German; Brazilian Portuguese.



Why is the app saying I need to update?
The Android app will ask you to update if it hasn't yet downloaded an update from the Google Play Store. Please open the Google Play Store and hit 'Update'.

If you're installing from an unknown source rather than from the App Store or Google Play Store, the app will not automatically update. Please be aware that if you're not using the official stores then you're using an unsafe build - your account security could be in danger and at risk of data mining.

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