Common Java Client Install Issues

Game Versions: RS_Rune_final.png App_Icon-Circle.png These steps are for the Java client.

Issues installing the Java client could be caused by a number of things that we will cover below.

Drivers and Client up to date?
Ensure you're using the latest version of the Official Client and make sure you have the latest graphics drivers 


Clean Java Install - OS X
The Mac version of the client uses the version of Java installed on your system whilst the Windows version of the official Client comes with Java built in.

Mac users who experience in game crashes or receive an error messages: "Incompatible magic value","Error_game_crash" or that Java needs to be installed to run the client should reinstall JAVA

"Unable to load parameter"
Error saying "Unable to load parameter" when trying to launch RuneScape on Windows. This error is caused by the shortcut you use to launch the game having a problem. Follow these steps to fix the error


Still Stuck?
Check out Java Client Performance issues if you're having problems installing the Java Client. 

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