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RuneScape stores some files locally on your device. Sometimes one or more of these files can become corrupted and cause problems starting the game, clearing your cache will force these files to redownload.

Once you've cleared your cache you'll see a progress bar below the lobby. Wait for your cache to reach 100% before playing.




  1. Whilst the client is loading click the 'Options' cog in the lower left 
  2. Your cache files are saved in 'Cache folder'
  3. Locate and delete the whole folder

You can also enter the command 'deletejs5caches' into the Developer Console and restart the game to clear your cache. 

Old School 

  1. Click Start, and search:
  2. Delete the 'Live' folder




  1. Right-click RuneScape in your game library on Steam
  2. Click 'Properties' and the 'Local Files' tab
  3. Delete the 'RuneScape' folder

Old School

  1. Click Start, and search:
    %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Jagex\Old School RuneScape
  2. Delete the 'Data' folder




  1. In Spotlight search:
    /Users/*insert your Mac username here*/Jagex
  2. Open the 'Jagex' folder and delete the 'RuneScape' folder

Old School

  1. In Spotlight search:
  2. Open the 'Old School' folder and delete the 'Live' folder


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