Redeem a Bond to summon a portable trader

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You can summon a Portable Trader to exchange bonus experience and access the trader's store.

How does this work?





Open your backpack or currency pouch and redeem your Bond. 



In Marketplace locate the Portable Trader



Confirm you'd like to redeem the Bond



Select the Summoning Stone in your inventory and confirm the prompts to access it.



Select the Portable Trader to deposit any unwanted bonus XP.



To access the trader's store, right click the Portable Trader (long press on mobile) and select 'Buy'.



You can then purchase any desired items with credits.






Is this available for F2P players?
Yes! For the first time ever, free-to-play players can interact with the Portable Trader and trade-in their bonus XP.


How much does the Portable Trader cost?
The Portable Trader costs 1 Bond.


Does this mean the regular Vic the Trader is disappearing?
No. Right now we have no plans to remove the frequently occurring free Vic the Trader.


How long will the Portable Trader last when summoned?
The Portable Trader will be active for exactly 1 hour and the timer is paused should you log off. During this time you can trade and spend redeemed credits. There will also be a buff on your buff bar showing how long you have left.

Does that mean there will be Portable Traders everywhere?
You cannot place a Portable Trader within 3 tiles of another players trader or a 10-tile radius of the standard Vic the Trader. Players can only summon one Trader at any given time.


What if I forget where I put my Portable Trader?
Don’t worry, you can summon him in most places that allow Summoning Familiars. On top of this, if you have a large distance between you and the Trader they will automatically be dismissed. Should you lose sight of your Trader, he can be re-summoned using the same Stone. 

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