Java Client Error messages

Game Versions RS_Rune_final.png  App_Icon-Circle.png  These steps are for the Java client.


Java Client



"Error Game Crash"

On launch: Try clearing your Java Client Cache.

When playing: Give our connectivity troubleshooting steps a try!

If this fails Reinstall JAVA 

"Unable to verify browser control"

Ensure you're not using a 3G or tethered mobile connection to play

Control panel > Java > Security > Enable Java content in browser

If you're still getting this error on a wired connection, try our connectivity troubleshooting.

"Unable to create target applet"

Try to re-install the Java Client  

Check that your traffic is not blocked by your Anti-Virus and/or Firewall 

"Incompatible magic value"

Reinstall JAVA on your Mac 


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