I can't find the Old School Bonds I purchased

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Redeemed membership will be active on both RuneScape and Old School with the same login. 

If you wanted to purchase Old School Bonds from the website but can't find them in your Bond pouch, first follow these steps to Find your Bonds.

If you're unable to find them, it's likely that you accidentally purchased RuneScape Bonds by mistake. Please note we're unable to help with Bonds traded on the Grand Exchange. 

To locate your Bond(s) follow these steps in game: 

  1. Log into to the RuneScape Client with the same login details you use for Old School.
  2. If you haven't already, complete tutorial Island - You can skip it by hitting ‘ESC’ then ‘Skip Tutorial’.
  3. Open your Currency Pouch (backpack.png > BondRS.png)


Are the Bond(s) you purchased there?

  • Yes

    4. Once you've followed the above steps, please log out of RuneScape and get in touch to let us know that you are ready for us to transfer the Bond(s) over to Old School. 

    Please note we are unable to transfer Bonds if you haven't followed these steps. 

    contact us

    Response ETA: Up to 48 hours

  • No

    Check any alternative accounts to make sure you didn't purchase them on the wrong account. 

    Still stuck? Your payment may have been unsuccessful. Check your bank statement to make sure the money was definitely taken from your account.  


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