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How do I cancel my subscription


Can I transfer my subscription?
If you have purchased your subscription on the wrong account please get in touch so we can look into transferring the purchase. Apple Subscriptions please cancel the subscription before getting in touch.

Why can't I purchase more membership on my account?
If you have an active Apple Pay or Google Play subscription you won't be able to add membership via other methods. You may see the messaging "You are not eligible for any items in this category". If you attempt to add membership after your current mobile membership has expired, you shouldn't encounter any issues!

I have a mobile subscription, can I purchase Premier Club?
The packages are not available for purchase through our mobile apps, but you can grab your desired package at any time via the Premier Club page. If you currently have an active mobile membership then you will not be able to purchase Premier Club.

Why can't I used a prepaid card on my account?
If you attempt to redeem a pre-paid/store purchased card for any in game package whilst membership time purchased via mobile is on the account, you will receive an error message stating you are not eligible to redeem rewards at this time. Please see the above question for more information.

My Google Play subscription is failed/pending 
If you are attempting to purchase a subscription on Google Play and receive a message that the payment has failed or is pending, no payment will be taken, please start a new subscription. If you suspect a payment may have been taken, then please contact Google.

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7 day free trial 

How do I get the 7 day free trial?

  1. Head to your 'Account Options' Tab in the app Account_options_tab.png
  2. Select 'Open Store'
  3. Select 'Start Trial' below the subscription you'd like to sign up for.
  4. Complete the steps and the 7 day free trial will be added to your account.

Once your free 7 day membership trial has ended you'll be billed for your subscription.


When does the 7 day free trial start?
The free trial will commence as soon as you sign up for it.


When will I be charged for my subscription following the 7 days free trial?
Once your free trial is over you will be automatically charged for your membership subscription.

How do I activate my subscription following the free trial?
Google Play users
Your next month's subscription will be added to your account straight away. If the membership has not been added onto your account, simply login to your Google Play account and your membership should automatically commence.

Apple pay users
Please make sure you log into the Old School RuneScape app on your Apple device to activate your membership subscription.


Can I use the free trial on different accounts?
Once you have activated the 7 day free trial on your account you will not be able to activate another free trial on a second account using the same Google Play or Apple Pay account.

Please note if you do complete the steps for a second free trial, an active subscription will be added to your second account once the 7 day free trial has ended on the account you originally activated it on. You can follow the above steps to cancel your subscription.


Why does my account say I am a member but I don't have membership?
This will happen if you've logged into another RuneScape account and tried to redeem the 7 days free trial. As a subscription has been set up, our systems will recognise this as your account having membership. However the subscription won't commence until the 7 days membership has expired on the original account it was redeemed on.

Please see the above question for more information. 

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How do I get a refund on an Apple Pay purchase?
You can request a refund from Apple for any in-app purchase made within the last 90 days.

  1. Head to Report a Problem
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID
  3. Select the 'Apps' tab 
  4. Hit 'Report a Problem'
  5. Choose your issue
  6. Enter a brief summary of your request, and hit submit. 

Your request will be reviewed.

How do I get a refund on a Google Play purchase?
Follow these steps to request a refund from Google Play

  • Make sure you enter your purchase order number on the form (you can find that in the email receipt that Google sent after your purchase).


Where are my Bonds?
If you've purchased Bonds on Mobile follow the steps in this article to locate them!

Why haven't I received my items on Google Play?

If your Google Play payment was definitely successful visit the in-game store and you should receive a prompt to pick up your purchase. Make sure you're logged into the same Google Play account that you made the purchase on.


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