APK not from the Play Store

Installing an application package directly onto an Android device (sometimes known as "sideloading") can be dangerous.

Google Play Store Apps
Legit developers (like us) create apps and upload them to the Play Store. Google checks them for viruses, malware, and anything else they would consider malicious. Then Google allows users access to the app and its updates via the Play Store.

APK files
Standalone APK files are not authorised by Google Play. Anyone can create one and either reuse or doctor our code. An APK that isn't from the Play Store may contain malicious software that can harm your device. 

The Risks
APKs can compromise your phone's security easily and steal your personal information, such as usernames and passwords, or even credit card details, personal e-mails and passwords. We strongly recommend downloading the official app from the Play Store.

If you're installing from an unknown source rather than the official store the app will not update like the store does. 

Please note: We won’t be distributing the APK directly. 

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