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It is not possible to link Game Center to an existing RuneScape Account

If you have an iOS device and would like to create a new account with Game Center follow these steps to login to RuneScape via Game Center: 

  1. Open the RuneScape App
  2. Tap the 'Continue with Game Center' button
    • If you don’t have a Game Center account, follow the on screen instructions and one will be created.
  3. Your RuneScape account will automatically be created and linked to your Game Center account
  4. You can then start playing! You will be asked to choose your character name during your character creation. 


Already logged in with Game Center?
If you already have an account with Game Center and have already logged into the RuneScape app you simply need to select 'Continue with Game Center' and you will automatically login and continue your adventures where you left off.


Check out the Game Center FAQ

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