Improve Mobile Performance

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We have many solutions to help you optimize your mobile device's performance.

Have you tried turning if off and on again?
Sounds simple doesn't it, but it actually could help fix slow data speeds. To improve connection you can also try connecting to a different world, or connecting directly to Wifi.


Available storage
Make sure your internal storage has enough space as mobile devices may lag due to storage problems.


Battery life
To increase the amount of time your phone will run for, try these things to extend your battery life:

  • Reduce your phone's brightness
  • Turn off any background apps
  • Turn on medium battery saver mode 
  • Reduce the FPS in settings 



Try using boost apps
There are apps available on the Play and App Store that specially boost your device in order to have a better gaming experience.

These apps help improve your device's performance and graphics quality. They often offer this service temporarily whilst you're playing the game and automatically reset to your normal settings once you exit the game. 


Check out the OSRS Mobile FAQ for Known Issues that we're working on. 

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