Premier Club Perks

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There’s been a couple of minor changes to the perks included with Premier Club this year.

We’ve compiled some of the common questions about the perks and rewards below. Remember that most perks are only available to Gold members.


Chat badge

How do I enable the chat badge in-game?

The chat badge is available to Gold Premier Club users and is a great way of showing off your loyalty to the game. It can be enabled by clicking the ‘More Options’ button (cog icon) in the chat window, and toggling the chat badge on.

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Exclusive World 

How do I access the exclusive world?

Simply select world 52 from the world select screen via the lobby (it's tagged with a VIP logo). Access will be automatically given upon purchase of a Premier Club Gold package. 


RuneMetrics Pro

How do I get RuneMetrics Pro discount?

The 50% discount only applies to new subscriptions setup to re-bill monthly. If you already have an active RuneMetrics Pro subscription, simply head to our billing pages and select a new monthly subscription, which will be available to you with the relevant discount.


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