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Premier Club gives you access to some great content in game! We’ve compiled some of the common questions about the content perks and rewards below. Remember that most perks are only available to Gold members.



Where’s the Aura this year?
The Premier Club package now includes an Artefact instead of the Aura that you may be used to from previous years, which has the same functions you'd expect but doesn't take up an aura slot.

Premier Club auras didn't quite fit in with other auras where generally they have a single effect which lasts for a duration before needing to be recharged.

With the addition of the aura interface last year, the Premier aura would stick out even more so we have decided to replace it with the brand new Artefact!

How does the Artefact work?
The Artefact provides you with a selection of temporary boosts to choose from, each giving you an increase to your skilling activities.

The available boosts are:

  • 10% increased XP from all normal sources.
  • One free Aura reset. This stacks with the Hellion Aura’s reset ability.
  • 50% chance to act like a sign of the porter.
  • 20% increased hitchance against enemies which are low on health (does not work in PvP) and a 10% chance that your slayer task count will not decrease with each creature killed.

You can use each of these boosts once per day and they all last for one hour (aside from the aura reset which has a one-time daily use).

Please note that the Premier Artefact cannot be used in conjunction with another aura.

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What’s inside the Premier Club vault?
It’s our way of giving something a little extra to those who pick up the Gold Premier Club package. Once per month, you’ll be able to enter the portal at the Grand Exchange, and you’ll have one minute to loot as many chests as you can. These chests contain various different rewards so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!



Valkyrie outfit

Where can I find the Valkyrie outfit?
The outfit is a cosmetic override which can be found within the customisation interface in-game. If you’re having trouble locating it within the interface, make sure you’ve not got any filtering enabled that may be preventing the outfit from showing up.


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Daily keys

Why am I receiving four daily keys instead of three?
Our Silver and Gold members receive an extra daily key, bringing the total up to three.

If you're receiving four it's likely because you have some of your Premier Club subscription remaining from the previous year. You’ll continue to receive four until your existing package expires at which point you’ll drop back down to three.


I have the double daily keys package, will this stack with the extra keys Premier Club Silver / Gold give?
It does! As a Premier Club member you’ll get even better value from the double daily keys package, receiving 6 keys per day instead of the usual 3 if you have a Silver or Gold package.


Why haven't I received my daily keys?
If you have not received your keys see didn't receive my treasure hunter keys


Reward tokens

What are Premier Club reward tokens?
As a Premier Club Gold or Silver user, you’ll get reward tokens that allows you to unlock previous Premier Club exclusive items, or upcoming Pre-Paid Card exclusives from 2019.

Premier Club Silver and Gold users will each receive one reward token upon purchase, but Gold members will also receive an additional token in January and July, for a total of three.


What can I redeem my reward token for?
A full list of exclusives that you can redeem the token(s) for can be found below:

Cosmetic Outfits

  • 2018 Stormborn Armour
  • 2017 Duskwing Outfit
  • 2016 Menaphite Outfit
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Armour
  • 2015 Mahjarrat Outfit
  • 2014 Lava hood and wings
  • 2014 Samurai Outfit and sword
  • 2013 Capoeira Outfit
  • 2013 Aurora Armour
  • 2013 Skypouncer outfit
  • 2012 Paladin Outfit


  • 2018 Björn Pet
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock
  • 2015 Postie Pete Pet
  • 2014 Lava hawk
  • 2014 Kirin Pet
  • 2013 Piggles Pet
  • 2013 Porkins Pet
  • 2012 Bloodpouncer


  • 2018 Lightning Weapons
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons
  • 2015 Retro Swords
  • 2012 Barbed Bow
  • 2012 Golden Katana
  • 2012 Lightning Pack
  • 2011 Ornate Katana


  • 2013 Sinister Clown Face
  • 2013 Xmas Pudding Head
  • 2013 Snowman Head
  • 2012 Flaming Skull
  • 2012 Scarecrow Mask
  • 2011 Turkey hat
  • 2011 Ice Mask


  • 2015 Retro Teleport
  • 2015 Retro emotes (dance & joy) 
  • 2014 Grey Skin 
  • 2014 Onyx Skin
  • 2011 Green Skin 


Can't find your items?

If you're unable to find your items please check the following:




Gold Premier Club members will receive 3 tokens. 

  • 1st at time of purchase
  • 2nd from January 2019
  • 3rd from July 2019 


Your Artefact needs to be equipped.
If it doesn't automatically appear in your Inventory, please speak to Diango


 Equipped through the customisation interface.  
CHAT BADGE  Toggled on and off by clicking on the star by your name in game. 
DAILY KEYS  Treasure Hunter resets at midnight UTC and keys do not stack. You need to log in and use the daily keys every day for maximum benefit.

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