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Premier Club offers exclusive instant rewards, VIP benefits and 12 months membership - all for less than the standard membership price.

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions about the Premier Club content perks and rewards below.



How does the Artefact work?

The Artefact provides you with a selection of temporary boosts to choose from, each giving you an increase to your skilling activities.

The available boosts are:

  • 10% increased XP from all normal sources
  • One free Aura reset
  • 50% chance to act like a Sign of the Porter
  • 20% increased hitchance against enemies which are low on health (does not work in PvP) and a 10% chance that your slayer task count will not decrease with each creature killed

You can use each of these boosts once per day, and they all last for one hour - aside from the Aura reset which has a one-time daily use.

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What’s the Premier Club vault?

It’s our way of giving something a little extra to those who pick up Premier Club. Once per month, you’ll be able to enter the portal at the Grand Exchange, giving you one minute to loot as many chests as you can. These chests contain various different rewards so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on! 


Premier Pass 

What is the Premier Pass?

A Premier Pass gives you access to the Premium track of any Yak Track event - that would usually cost 2 RuneScape Bonds. As a Premier Club user, you get free access to the Premium track of all Yak Track events that run during your time as a Premier Club member.

Keep an eye on the latest RuneScape news for details of the next Yak Track in-game event. 


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In-Game Cosmetics/Rewards

How do I access all of the in-game items/rewards?

From November 2021 a number of the Premier Club perks will need to be claimed via the new Marketplace 'Benefits' tab. 




Dawnforged Armour set & Greatsword

Claim via Benefits tab Found in the customisation interface once claimed

Sol (the unicorn pet)

Claim via Benefits tab
Found in the 'Pets' tab via the customisation interface once claimed

Reward Tokens

Claim via Benefits tab Added to your backpack/bank once claimed

Monthly Rewards

Claim via Benefits tabEach month can be claimed during or after a month has ended Oddments will be added to your total balance as seen on the Marketplace. In-game rewards will be added to your backpack once claimed

Double Daily Keys (1st month only)

Added automatically upon purchase Used for Treasure Hunter rewards

100 Extra Bank Spaces 

Unlocked upon purchase Added automatically throughout the duration of Premier Club access 

Free Weekly Boss instance

Added automatically (resets on Wednesdays) Added automatically. Learn more about boss instances

Please see the rewards token section below for a full list of available items.


Premier Bank Space

What's the Premier Bank Space?

An additional 100 bank space exclusive to Premier Club members. This bank space will be removed at the end of your Premier Club membership unless you purchase Premier Club again.   


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Double Daily keys

How does the new Double Daily Keys reward work?

From the date you purchase Premier Club you'll receive one month of double daily keys. 

If you purchase a standard double daily keys package the Premier Club double daily keys would stack, meaning you'd get 12 daily keys for your first full month of Premier Club! 


 Daily keys

Why am I receiving more than three daily keys?

Each day you log in you receive free keys: 

  • Non-members get 1 key 
  • Members get 2 keys 
  • Premier Club members get 3 keys 

If you're receiving more than 3 keys it might be because: 

  • You're enjoying the 1 month of double daily keys that comes with Premier Club (bringing your total up to 6 daily keys)
  • You also have a standard double daily keys package (bringing your total up to 12 daily keys) 


Monthly Rewards

How do the Monthly Rewards work?

Each month you'll receive the following rewards: 

  • 1,000 oddments 
  • 1 additional in-game pack from a selection including (but not limited to): 
    • Protean packs 
    • Variety packs 
    • Umbral chests 
    • Mystery boxes 

Head to the Benefits tab to claim them. If you missed previous rewards, you'll be able to claim them there too! 


Reward tokens

What are Premier Club Reward tokens?

As a Premier Club member, you’ll get Reward Tokens that allow you to unlock previous Premier Club exclusive items.


What can I redeem my reward token for?

You can redeem your tokens for any of these goodies:

Cosmetic Outfits

  • 2021 Ceremonial Guard Outfit
  • 2020 Bright Inquisitor Outfit
  • 2019 Valkyrie Outfit
  • 2018 Stormborn Armour
  • 2017 Duskwing Outfit
  • 2016 Menaphite Outfit
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Armour
  • 2015 Mahjarrat Outfit
  • 2014 Lava hood and wings
  • 2014 Samurai Outfit and sword
  • 2013 Capoeira Outfit
  • 2013 Aurora Armour
  • 2013 Skypouncer outfit
  • 2012 Paladin Outfit


  • 2021 Ozzie 
  • 2020 T-Bone Companion Pet
  • 2018 Björn Pet
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock
  • 2015 Postie Pete Pet
  • 2014 Lava hawk
  • 2014 Kirin Pet
  • 2013 Piggles Pet
  • 2013 Porkins Pet
  • 2012 Bloodpouncer


  • 2018 Lightning Weapons
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons
  • 2015 Retro Swords
  • 2012 Barbed Bow
  • 2012 Golden Katana
  • 2012 Lightning Pack
  • 2011 Ornate Katana


  • 2013 Sinister Clown Face
  • 2013 Xmas Pudding Head
  • 2013 Snowman Head
  • 2012 Flaming Skull
  • 2012 Scarecrow Mask
  • 2011 Turkey hat
  • 2011 Ice Mask


  • 2015 Retro Teleport
  • 2015 Retro emotes (dance & joy) 
  • 2014 Grey Skin 
  • 2014 Onyx Skin
  • 2011 Green Skin 


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